Bec Sadek
Network Marketing Top Earner and Coach
Hear from some of my TOP students who are crushing it on social media. Are you ready to become a badass digital CEO? 

I've been in NWM for 10+ years, always using old school traditional strategies and it's been a constant uphill battle. I joined Bec's program and within the first couple of weeks had 863 new targeted leads from ONE simple post. I was blown away. All viable leads from one post. Since that one post, I have added over 90 new prospects into my private group . This is more people I’ve engaged with since starting my business 18 months ago. I also launched my first workshop and converted 2 prospects immediately and have converted many more into paying customers since. 

Colleen Sullivan

When I decided to jump into mentorship with Bec, I was in a place I wanted more for myself and my biz I just had no idea how to do it. Once I started to setup the systems in this program I knew I was sitting in a place people wished they could be. All of the ideas and potential I couldn't figure out on my own all the sudden became so CLEAR and doable. In the first month I was able to almost DOUBLE the amount of leads in my private group. It took me 8 months to reach those numbers on my own. I honestly feel like the sky is the limit. I have total confidence and CLARITY on what I need to post and share to not only grow my audience but boost my business. It’s only a matter of time before I reach the top of my company. I have the RIGHT tools. The tools that every free coaching opt-in in the world could NEVER offer me. 

Malorie Melson

"Bec is not only the absolute best in this industry  but she has a servants heart! She has helped me to see when I couldn't or was unable to see for myself that I have everything it takes to succeed in this industry. Bec is a TRUE leader " -Josh Roitz

" By week 3 I ranked advanced 5 times and converted 20 new customers from my Facebook group. I now actually feel like a TRUE digital CEO and a TRUE social media marketer. Love you Bec!! I have you to thank for this complete transformation in my life.

Tina Margaris

"After I got clear on my niche, and set up my group correctly and my  personal profiles properly, I began to implement the strategies that we were being taught. My results were immediate, and I added over 17 people to my group. Since then, I have more than doubled the number of people in my group, and have already started to receive orders. I Now I have the clarity, confidence and tools to continue to grow, and am in the process of  guiding and plugging my team members into." - John Sproul 

My clarity around my brand and content just clicked. In under 8 hours I had 600+ people putting eyes on my social media and I had 7 people ASK to join my group! 

I'm clear and confident now on how to show up for myself, my brand and my business. I even have a daily plan for activity that WORKS. I feel energized and empowered in a way I never have in last 2 years. 

I have no doubts that I will be ranking up and hitting the top of my company before the end of this year.

Jennifer Skoglund

I've invested in tons of courses and mentorship and was still frustrated and stuck. I knew that Bec was the one who could get me where I needed to be. I knew that Bec had built a huge team, using duplicatable organic strategies. I also knew that her team was killing it with duplication. After going through the the Digital CEO program I know without question that I now have the skills that I need to be a great leader to others in the industry. I’ve got my niche dialed in, know exactly who I’m serving, and have a duplicatable strategy. I no longer need to worry if someone joins me, “how am I going to help them.”

Bec Is The Real Deal! Stop chasing shiny objects, stop trying to go at it alone. Invest in yourself and allow Bec to mentor you.

Shane Roitz 

"After a couple of years with my network marketing company, I had stalled out. I was stuck in the unsuccessful loop of sending one "Hey Girl!" message after another, posting stock images on social media, and bending over backwards in my VIP group trying to generate sales with challenges and promos. Even though I was following all of the recommendations from my company, I knew something needed to change. I have had at least one new sale everyday for the past 2 weeks. This is by far the longest streak Ive ever had. I'm already halfway to my sales goal for the entire month. Time to set some new goals!" - Suzy Mihocik

The DIGITAL CEO Mastermind is by Application Only. 

After submission, you'll be given an opportunity to Book A Call To Speak With Bec or someone from her team, so we can help you strategize your Biz! 

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